The Resolution series are an expression of time, where making a pointed and consistent effort at documenting the everyday trace history in the making. The journeys taken from January 1st to December 31st, every year since 2016 are as physical as they are existential: from Colombia to Japan and into the deserts of Oman as well as those from self-discovery at silent retreat to the return home for the funeral of a much loved sibling and into national lockdown as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic.


The work grows and takes shape as much as the cultural landscape and human life continues to evolve. The transition from life in the past to that of the present is preserved, perhaps not in detail but highlighted by our collective insight or personal histories. “Stephen tested + for coronavirus,” or “Paranoia” carry the weight of meaning for humanity as much as “I’m spent, can’t shake the melancholy” delivers impact on an individual level.


From this process, the future’s perpetual uncertainty surfaces as empty space is replaced by an imprint of color as each day’s possibilities collapse into the events that take place and solidifies within, like the painted hand in a cave, as an impression of time past.